AI Class

These are the class materials for the class I teach in Artificial Intelligence for Games


These are all the slides as PDFs. They are likely to change and be updated as we move through the semester but earlier weeks should remain the same.
IMGD4100 Slides



Look here for information and resources for coding assignments:

Independent Study Topics

For grad students looking for an extra 1 credit option. To take this option:
(1) Tell me you are interested
(2) Get the 1 credit ISP paperwork from the registrar's office
(3) Bring it to me to authorize and select a topic
(4) Return to the Registrar's office

Then chose a topic from below, research it in more depth then we do in class and prepare a slide presentation and example program to show the class.

Study Topics

These change from semester to semester. Current topics are:

  • Learning Bayesian Classifiers
  • Multi-layer Neural Networks
  • Q-Learning
  • Fuzzy State Machines

If you have another topic that you would like to dig into that we aren't covering in class, talk to me about it.

Additional Resources

Some starting points for further study: