Monogame for Mobile and Desktop

What is Monogame and where to get it:

Monogame is a 2D and 3D game development library based on the XNA library developed by Microsoft. It is mostly APi compatible. It allows you to write games iin C# (or any other .NET language) and is particularly attractive because of its universal portability across many different platforms including Windows 7 & 8, Windows Phone 7 & 8, Android (including Ouya), IOS, OSX, Linux and PlayStation Mobile (including Vita)

All the windows platforms are supported using .NET The rest are supported on Mono, a port of .NET to other platforms. Mono is open source and free for most platforms. Xamarin makes a commercial port of Mono for IOS and Android with very attractive student and faculty pricing.

Monogame Development Resources:

A free mono IDE for PC and OSX called Xamarin Studio is available from Xamarin. For .NET development I recommend Visual Studio Pro which is available for free to students at DreamSpark

For either IDE you can get the monogame installers at the Monogame Project Site.

I have developed a 2D Scenegraph API and some related tools on top of monogame for my 2D game development classes. Its called TwoDEngine and is available as libraries or source code from this site.

I am also writing a technical blog on cross platform game development called Monogamey

The OpenGL Windows port of Monogame requires OpenAL. You can find the openAL installer in the directory C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Monogame/3.0 in 64 bit windows or C:/ProgramFiles(86)/Monogame/3.0 in 32 bit, or download it here: OpenAL Installer