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Head Mounted Displays

Force Feedback

Force feedback devices are defined as computer controlled devices that apply apparent forces to the user. There are two distinct levels of forced feedback devices, consumer devices and commercial devices.

Consumer Devices

Available now

Novint Falcon
TN Games 3RDSpace Ballistic Impact Vest

In Development

FeelThree Motion Platform
AxonVR (unclear if consumer or commerical)
Unlimited hand (reads and stimulates hand nerves)
Dexmo (robotic exoskeletal glove)

Commerical Devices

Force Dimension (basically the pro version of the Novint Falcon)
GeoMagic (Makes a range of pro 3D input/haptic feedback devices)

Related Software

Hand/Gesture Reognition

OpenCV Open Source Gesture Software
HandVU (Also open hand gesture )