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The KAI library is a library of Artificial Intelligence code written in C# and used by my students at Northeastern University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute in my class Artificial Intelligence for Games.
The library is undergoing periodic upgrade and improvement. It currently contains
  • A full and extensible Finite State Automata implementation including push/pop/pervasive transitions and hierarchical FSAs
  • A simple Rule Based logic implementation including database, match patten and rule run-time data structures as well as parsers for converting simple textual descriptions of all three into the run-time data structures. (This implementation is not suitable to very large databases, but thats not generally the games use-case.)
  • An extensible DecisionTrees implementation including predefined abstract nodes for binary and trinary operations, as well as sub-class implementations for testing integers, floats and regexp strings.
  • A Genetic Neural Network implementation that includes a single-layer perceptron and genetic neural weight trainer
  • Dykstra Search and A* pathfinding implementations

Coming soon:
  • Fuzzy Logic Engine
  • Generic Genetic Engine
  • Steering Behaviors for 2D and 3D games

Download KAI libraries and Doxygen docs:

Most likely to be up to date

Download KAI-Unity package:

This is KAI pre-imported with its dependancies as a Unity package.
I will make every effort to keep this up to date but it may sometimes lag behind the binary and source releases.

Get the Source Code:

Always the most up to date.
KAI on Bitbucket

View the docs online

KAI docs online

Get the first 3 chapters of the book for free!

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