This page lists and discusses some of my favorite resources for teachers on the net. All of these are available for free to teachers, unless I specifically note otherwise.

Web Services For Teachers

  • Wikispaces

    What did you expect? I love wikispaces. I use it in "website" mode and find it the easiest way to organize information for my students. I also make use of the "Projects" pages for my students in my project based courses. It gives me a no-hassle place for them to upload various stages of their projects, to post written documents relating to the projects, and to converse with each other.

    My one wish right now is that Wikispaces provided gradebook functionality. Currently I use our school's Canvas site for that.


    I used Purdue University's student team site CATME this term. It provides two very valuable functions, both backed up by significant scientific research. The first is a team-builder that assembles teams of students for projects. It ensure's diversity of skill levels, ethnic origin, sex, and just about any other discriminator you care to enter. Especially in engineering fields where there is still a lot of self-segregation by sex, I find this helps break those barriers down and form broad based teams.

    The second important feature of CATME is the peer evaluation task, which applies a rigorous scientific approach to evaluating individuals' performances in their teams. Again, I found this very well done and quite worthwhile

    CATME does have some down sides. The website's UI is both primitive and somewhat confusing and could use a serious re-thinking. The peer rating activity really needs some training of the students before they try to use it and the online practice modules really don't cover this well enough. When I enquired about this, the researchers sent me a slide deck to use in class to prepare my students. I have linked it below and strongly recommend its use prior to peer evaluation:
    CATME Training Slides

  • Piazza

    I can't say enough good things about Piazza. I was just looking for a Stack Overflow/Quora type Q&A site for my class when I decided to try Piazza. Piazza is all that but a whole lot more to. It is quite simply the best way I have found to communicate with my students outside of class. I highly recommend you give it a try.
    For an example of how we used it this term, you can click here.