Welcome to the Unseen University

What is this Wiki about?

This wiki is a collection of resources for my students and other people interested in game programming and development.

Who am I?

My name is Jeff Kesselman. I have been a software engineer in various parts of the game industry for 25 years. Games I have contributed to include Titan, GEX, The Horde, Blazing Dragons, Dark Sun Online, Duke Nukem 3D and Total Annihilation.

I have also been the Chief Technology Officer of three online game companies: Rebel Monkey, Blue Fang Games, and Entertainment Games; and one online game infrastructure company, NPHOS. I am currently principle and CTO of World Wizards.

I have shipped one independent IOS game, Submarine360 and an Android utility application called DicePro.

I also am an exprienced college level educator with 5 years part and full time experience.

Please see my online portfolio for more information and work examples.

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